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Quality Hearing Aids

We offer a great range of hearing aids  to customers in the local area. With models suited to everyone, we’re sure that we have something to vastly improve your audio experience.

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Effective Wax Removal

Ear cleaning and wax removal is fantastic for helping you to hear clearly. We’re experts in this treatment, and we’ve helped hundreds of people to improve their life.

Home Visits available and same day appointments for wax removal

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About Us

At The Derby Hearing Centre we provide fantastic hearing aids to customers in Derby, and the surrounding areas. We’re passionate about the service that we offer, and we’ve been helping clients since 1963. With more than half a century of experience, we know what customers need, and there’s a huge range to choose from, including the first internet-ready hearing aid from Oticon. Our family-run business offers the personal touch, whether you require ear wax removal, a new hearing aid, or tinnitus advice from experts. We’re HCPC registered, and our association with the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists underlines that quality that we offer. Call us today to book a free hearing test and to browse our range of suppliers.

Symptoms of Poor Hearing

If you identify with any of the following, contact us today!

  • I Have Difficulty Hearing in Noisy Situations
  • I Have Difficulty Understanding on the Telephone
  • I Haven’t Had My Hearing Tested in More Than a Year
  • I Hear People Speaking but Have Difficulty Understanding the Words
  • I Turn the Television or Radio up so It’s Too Loud for Others


As well as great hearing aids, we also offer fantastic accessories, tinnitus advice, and outstanding aftercare. We’re also able to offer swimming plugs and personal headphone moulds for your mobile phone or audio device. Every hearing aid that we offer is available on a finance plan, and this ensures that everyone has access to great hearing.