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Quality Micro Suction Ear Wax Removal covering the East Midlands 

The Derby Hearing Centre has provided hundreds of patients with fantastic micro suction wax removal. We use the best micro suction equipment to remove ear wax for customers, and we’re usually able to offer same-day appointments. When you choose us you don’t have to wait weeks for an NHS appointment, you’re treated quickly by our highly-qualified audiologists, trained to ensure you have a painless, stress-free appointment. Call us today, in Derby, to find out more about these services.

Why Choose Us?

Our success rate is over 95 per cent. It would be even higher, but we do encounter cases where the wax has built up to be so compacted that a second appointment is required. This is very rare and we never charge for the second appointment. We’re a UK Health-registered practice, to give you further confidence in our services, we can also arrange for home visits. 

Over the years we’ve seen patients in distress with pain, as well as balance and tinnitus issues. They’ve been in a sorry state for weeks waiting for an NHS appointment, only to be subjected to barbaric syringing. After contacting us and receiving an appointment, often on the same day. This treatment lasts up to 30 minutes, and our micro-suction procedure is completely stress-free.

Once the micro suction treatment is complete we’re able to further improve your audio experience. With free hearing tests and excellent hearing aids, there’s a solution for all to hear better when out and about.

The Latest Technology

We use video otoscopy before and after the treatment to show you the results that we’ve achieved. All equipment is sterile and this ensures that we have a safe and bacteria-free environment.


One ear - £40 

Two ears - £60

Home visits - £60

Micro Suction Video

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