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"would strongly recommend "

“Having been a user of Hearing Aids for more than 6 years, I found I was not getting the quality of sound as the years progressed. I visited the Hearing Centre, I found them to be very friendly and very professional “in all the dealings”. I would strongly recommend the Hearing Centre if you are looking for improved hearing.

-Gordon Barker | 14th March 2018

“Changed My Life”

“Incredible caring service! At last i can hear. Has changed my life. Good follow up with very friendly, helpful staff. Thank you.”

- Mrs Creswell | November 2017

“A New Dimension of Care”

“I decided to upgrade my hearing aids a couple of months ago, having had a pair of good but dated aids for a few years Not only were they very competitive in price but he added a new dimension of care and perseverance when it came down to choice of product. His recommended brand was new to the market but he was very efficient in tailoring them to my requirements. Further adjustments were necessary but theywere not hesitant to visit my home on a number of occasions to get it right for me. The product is a huge advance for me and thanks to them I now have the correct devices to make my social life so much easier - visits to the theatre, home listening, so much more pleasurable.”

“Capable and Patient”

“I know that people blessed with good hearing find it hard to understand our issues but with Lee around I feel that I am in very capable and patient hands and do not worry about them any longer. Lee deserves to do well, he has all the attributes to succeed in his profession and I wish him and his staff all success in the future.”

- Ray

“Clean and Clear”

“I visited the Derby centre a few months ago as I had two blocked ears and could not hear from one it was so bad. The audiologist who treated me did so with great care and consideration, he really took his time and made sure they were completely free of wax. I was a bad case in the audiologist's words, but it was a pleasant and successful experience nonetheless. It's so worth it even for the price alone I couldn't believe how cheap it was, it was a no brainer when I would’ve had to wait 3 months for an appointment on the NHS! Thank you to the derby centre for an amazing and fast service, I got an appointment the next day, it's been months and they still feel as clean and clear as anything! I recommend everyone to get their ears micro suctioned here even if they're not blocked it's worth it, take care of your ears!”

“Professional, Friendly, Clean, and Effective”

“Absolutely brilliant place! After 6 weeks of what effectively felt like having my fingers in my ears and the Drs not being able to treat me (even after syringing), i decided to look online for a private solution. After looking at the good reviews i decided to come to the Derby branch  (despite being a bit put off by the shop front and the dodgy looking website). I honestly can’t thank them enough, very professional, friendly (I was quite nervous about the procedure), clean and most importantly effective! My hearing has never been so good! I can’t thank you enough!”

- Guy

“Best Decision I’ve Made”

“I suffered from loss of hearing for around 3 months due to build up in both ears. It began with near complete loss in the right ear and only recently in the left. It got to a point where I could hardly hear out of either ear and it began waking me up all through the night in a panic that I might lose my hearing. After a phone call to the audiologist's, who told me I would have to wait two weeks for an appointment to get them cleaned, I decided to go to Derby Centre for the micro suction treatment. It was the best decision I've made in relation to ears which I have had consistent problems with in the past. The staff were friendly and helpful. The audiologist who I was with gave great advice and was calm all through the procedure, which I really needed. He did such a good job to the extent that I was almost overwhelmed when I stepped out the centre and became bombarded with sounds. As a student anything priced above £20 is always dear. However this was well worth the money and it's definitely a place I would recommend. I can't thank you enough.”

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